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Ouch! Halo Ringed Flogger Green

Ouch! Halo Ringed Flogger Green

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If you are going to follow the rules that were laid out to you, do so in style!

The luxurious color, the lovely leather look and beautiful golden decorations make Ouch Halo the most prestigious item in your BDSM kit.

Are you ready to play, angel?

With this flogger you can enjoy bullying, teasing, caressing and hitting.

A flogger is a great addition to your bed game, whether that's wild SM or just to add something a little different.

This beautiful flogger will offer you wonderful pleasure and pain!

Enjoy the feeling of power and experience an event full of wonderful erotic pleasure.

The beautiful Ouch Halo is perfect for a nice, exciting session!

Dimensions package 3.94" x 1.57" x 14.57"Weight package 4.52 ozProduct dimensions 27.56" x 2.01"

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