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SS Everlaster Stud Strap-On Harness

SS Everlaster Stud Strap-On Harness

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Whether you have difficulty maintaining an erection or want to keep the action going after ejaculation, the Everlaster hollow strap-on is the perfect solution.

The hollow shaft permits continued enjoyment of the action whether you're soft, hard, or just want to add extra inches to your penetrative prowess.

It’s rigid enough to simulate the rock-hardness your partner craves, yet has enough give to ensure comfort for both partners.

The Stud harness is constructed with thick, durable straps that keep it from moving while fitting snugly to prevent chafing.

Its comfort and durability ensure that both you and your partner can enjoy penetration as long as you desire.

Great for those who have lost function due to paralysis or injury.

We salute and recommend the Everlaster to our wounded veterans who have lost their ability to have penetrative sex.

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